Navigating the MyExams dashboard

Learn how to confidently navigate the MyExams dashboard.

The MyExams homepage

This page will be your default view when you log into your MyExams account.  There are three display tabs for Sessions. 

Live  – any sessions taking place that calendar date will appear here

All sessions – lists all sessions, past and future that have taken place in your MyExams account

My sessions – Lists any future sessions where you are assigned as the invigilator.

To create a new session – click the + icon at the bottom of the homepage.

You can find our guide to Creating your MyExams session here.

The Session Information page

To access details about a particular session, click on it.  This will take you to the Session Information page.

This page shows session timing details, invigilator location, notes, users and any imagery associated with a session.

You can edit any session by clicking the pencil icon.

The Calendar tab

This page displays all your upcoming sessions in a calendar view. 

This feature is only available for Institution and Enterprise accounts.

A green dot indicates the session has an invigilator assigned and is ready to go.

A red dot indicates that the scheduled session does not have an invigilator assigned.

A blue dot indicates that invigilators has requested this session, if you are using the ‘Session Selector’ feature.

The Messages tab

The Messages tab allows you to send and receive messages from your team.

Admins, Managers and Invigilators can all send and receive messages from this page.

Note only people who you have messaged previously will appear in this list. For more information on messaging, see our guide.

The page will display the User name, whether they are online or offline, and the number of unread messages.

If there are no unread messages, no number will appear.

To read or reply to a message, or write a new message, click the ‘Write’ icon next to the relevant User’s name.

The message will appear both in their Messages tab, or if they are in a session, in the My Messages feature.

The Users tab

The Users tab displays all learners, invigilators and managers associated with your account.

To add a new user, click the black + icon.  See our guide to Adding a User here.

You can also access your profile, and log out of your account using the buttons in the top toolbar.

To return to the home screen at any point, click the MyExams icon.

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