Creating a session

Creating your first MyExams session is simple.

Before you create your first session, you will need to add an invigilator and your learners as Users of your account.  See our tutorial on Adding a User here.

Step 1 – Navigate to your MyExams dashboard and click the + icon.
Step 2 –  Enter the session information including:
  • Unique session reference
  • Session title
  • Session description
  • Invigilator – you will only be able to select your own profile from this drop down if you are using a Free account.
  • Invigilator time zone – this will automatically update to match what you input into your user profile.
Step 3 –  Enter Exam timings

Carefully enter the time that your exam will start in ‘Exam Start Time (UTC)’ field.

Note all MyExams exams are scheduled using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  For a full explanation of how exam timings work in MyExams visit Exam Timings explained.

The ‘Session start time (UTC)’ will auto-populate to 30 minutes before the Exam start time but you can edit if required.

The ‘Session end time (UTC)’ will auto-populate to 8 hours after the Session start time but you can edit if required.

Step 4 –  Adding Users

To add a learner to a session, start typing their name in the ‘Users’ box, then select from the drop down that appears.

You will need to delete ‘None’ if using a Free account which is limited to one app user per session.

Step 5 –  Create your session

Confirm your location as invigilator by clicking the ‘Confirm location’ button, and the map will display your profile location.

Finally click ‘Add Session’.

If you need to amend any details, you can click the pencil icon.

Step 6  – Telling users about their session

As soon as you add an Invigilator to a session and click ‘Add Session’, an email will automatically send informing them of the session details.

When you are ready to confirm the session details with your learners, you can click the pencil icon, then choose to either send the session details by email or SMS using the buttons provided.

Now head on over to learn how to open and start your MyExams session as an invigilator.

Demo Sessions

As a Free account holder you have access to one Demo Session per month.

Demo Sessions last 30 minutes.   They allow you to demonstrate or test the MyExams platform and it’s features with one candidate, in advance of running a standard MyExams session.

To set up a demo session, click the button at the top of the Create Session page.