About Users

There are four different types of user account in MyExams.

  • Admin – This is the account owner.
  • Manager – Can manage sessions on behalf of the Admin. (Only available with Institution and Enterprise level accounts).
  • Invigilator – Invigilates MyExams sessions.  One invigilator per session.
  • App User – These are the learners or candidates.  There can be up to 5 App users per session depending on your account type.
Option 1: Registering a new learner on their behalf

Navigate to the Users tab and click the + icon. 

Select the correct user type from the drop down menu.

Add their personal details.

Once their account is created, users can add to or edit these details via the MyExams mobile app.  However, it is important that the users email address is correct at this stage.

Create a password for the account.

This can be a temporary password that you ask App Users to update to something more secure when they first log into the mobile app.

Click Add User to create their account.

The user will receive an auto generated email letting them know you have created an account, and what their log in and password is, as well as a link to download the MyExams mobile app.

Option 2: Adding a learner who has registered themselves

Candidates can also register their own accounts using the MyExams mobile app.  As an Admin, you will need to add them to your own Users tab before you are able to assign them to a MyExams session.

Navigate to the Users tab and click the + icon.

Select the correct user type from the drop down menu.

Enter the candidates email address in appropriate field.

If they have registered an account with that email address, a message will pop up stating ‘This username is already registered with MyExams, but not allocated to Your Domain Name.  Click here to invite them to join.’

This will generate an email to the user with a link they need to click to confirm they want to join your account.

Once the candidate approves, they will appear in your Users list.

You can then create a session for them, or add them to an existing session – follow our Creating a MyExams session tutorial here.

Adding Invigilator or Manager accounts

Invigilator or Managers can be added in the same manner.

These users should navigate to www.yourdomain.myexams.com, and click ‘Register’.

Once they have completed their details they will appear on your Users tab.

You can also search for Invigilators or Managers who have registered using the mobile app, or through another domain using their email address as outlined in Option 2.

You’re now ready to create your first session.